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5 day ago
New cover photo was uploaded
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10 day ago
NCC: 112 is the toll free number to get help from emergency services such as the Police, Fire Service, FRSC, and Ambulance Services. #Call112ForEmergences
Wakil Sanni @WakilSanni  
10 day ago
.. "Follow your path not the crowd"
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11 day ago
3 Reasons Empathy is Good for Business Soft skills are vital for leaders, regardless of your industry. Here's why being empathetic plays a major role in successfully growing your company. entrepreneur.com/article/355...
Wakil Sanni @WakilSanni  
12 day ago
Running Your Business In Just 3 Hours a Night Italy Property Consulting CEO Nikki Taylor shares the secrets on how to get it done. entrepreneur.com/article/354...
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13 day ago
Good things take time.
Wakil Sanni @WakilSanni  
16 day ago
How do billionaires protect themselves against kidnapping or assassination? Is it really enough to have a couple of security guards nearby? Well, each and every billionaire has a certain amount of dedicated budget to manage personal security, especially when in the public. For example, in 2018, Facebook paid Mark Zuckerberg $13 million for his personal security and travel expenses. quora.com/How-do-billionaire...
Wakil Sanni @WakilSanni  
18 day ago
Report: More than half of IT teams need improved technology to support remote work itopstimes.com/itops/report-...
Wakil Sanni @WakilSanni  
18 day ago
Which is better: a job or a business? Both. It depends on what you want. They both have pros and cons. I will share a two-question exercise that can help you decide. Question 1: Which pros and cons do you want? Job offers safety but at the downside of a fixed income. You only get paid for the number of hours ... See more
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