Expand your reach and grow your audiences
Expand your reach and grow your audiences with Plucom Ads. We offer all adverisers opportunity to reach absolutely or users and comsumers of all our products and services.

Improve sales by growing your customer based and reachs your prospects
No matter what your business goals are, Plucom Ads will takes care of your campaigns. Connect with real people and consumers of your products and services.  You only pay when your call out action is clicked. We charge tokens only on signficant aggregated impressions.

Easily create your ads
With few steps and click your will easily set up your campaign and start serving your ads.

Pocket friendly. Saves alot
There is no minimum budget. You will start serving your campaign with as little as you can afford.

Run on all sites and services
Your campaign will be served on all Plucom products, services, networks and partner sites.
See all our products and web services.

You campaig will reach all customer on all our services. See below users and usage analysis of our sites

See the results and ads performaces
Using our user friend ad management application, you get detail daily insight of your ads to see what is working.
Get details data analytics and impressions, click and spent.
Graphical of daily performance of your ads
gain insight of who, when and where you get interactions.

Getting started
With fews steps you will start serving your campaigns

1. Create a Plucom Account
2. Get free credit
3. Create a new Ad
     Create all ad details, set ad duration, add image and submit your ads
4. Your ad will be reviewed and approved in few minutes
5.  You ad is served

Advertise your products and services by creating a campaign.

Get started

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